Every organization faces the constant threat of major loss from a wide range of established and emerging exposures to risk. Unlike many brokers and agents, IRM does not simply focus on the “hazard risks” that are typically addressed via insurance. Our experienced teams take an enterprise-wide approach, consulting closely with you to identify, analyze and manage the widest possible range of business and individual risk.

For risks that cannot be eliminated or otherwise controlled, we will help you to quantify and financially analyze the loss potential in order to weigh the trade-offs between risk assumption and risk transfer.

IRM will optimize your business process lifecycle to increase value-added activities and decrease revenue leakage. We have created our business process reengineering and performance management service offering Six Sigma approach of improvement. The result is a comprehensive and holistic analysis of the current business state and, as requested, a detailed recommendation for improved efficiency and operational excellence aligned with the organization’s overall executive and operational strategy.

IRM role as per scope of work will include but not necessarily be limited to:

  • Apply concepts of process and organizational improvement to assist customer teams responsible for developing comprehensive business designs in specific functional areas
  • Guide construction of the business case for change, including performing cost/benefits analyses
  • Provide project management services for business analysis and requirements analysis activities
  • Design and employ information-gathering techniques, including structured interviews, facilitated workshops, and surveys
  • Produce flow charts, context diagrams, and other structured analytic products to capture and communicate issues, root causes, concepts, and decisions
  • Apply gap analysis techniques to define the nature and extent of needed change and communicate the business case to decision makers
  • Integrate information technology capabilities into process designs and specifications
  • Assess existing information technology support and work with development teams to define information technology requirements
  • Understand and explain the relationship between process design and information capture and retrieval, especially with respect to performance measurement
  • Work with IT planners to ensure business goals are supported by IT plans
  • Provide leadership throughout the process design effort to ensure success

For More information please contact:

Ishtiaq Ahmed
Fahad Aqeel
+92 321 2930093